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Weather Survey

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Age: Year 5 & 6

Duration: 90 minutes 

Subject:  Science

Theme: Energy

Winds power has been used as a source of renewable energy for centuries and all over the world people are investing in wind technology as one of the principal methods for us to generate electricity in the future.


In this science lesson your class can learn all about wind; what wind it is, where it comes from and how we can use it to help us in our everyday lives!  Investigating wind energy in your local area, the children make their very own anemometer to measure wind speed and carry out a weather survey to find the windiest places in your school.  

Try our 'Design your own Wind Turbine' lesson as a follow on. Children can go on to learn how to make a model wind turbine to conduct an experiment to investigate the best and most efficient design.  Your class will complete an experience by gathering, recording, classifying and presenting data to answer their own scientific questions.

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