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Sustainable Shaun: ECO-nomics 5 - Production

SS ECO-nomics lesson 5.jpg

Age: Year 3, 4, 5 & 6

Duration: 60 minutes

Subject:  Design & Tech.

Theme: Waste

Using their designs from the previous lesson, pupils must work together in their teams to produce the items that they will be selling! Suggestions are included in the resource assets.  


Pupil teams revisit the shopping lists they made in the previous lesson and use these shopping list items for their product build. Each team must produce enough items to meet expected demand, whilst keeping quality control a priority and keeping production costs low.  For further teachers notes please see the ECO-nomics lesson 1 resources.


This lesson follows on from ECO-nomics lesson 4 'Product Design' and is also linked with the ‘Clothes Drive’ Mission of Sustainable Shaun. This ECO-nomics challenge is designed to run over a series of lessons with eight tasks, all with associated plans and resources.

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