What's Eating You?

A series of lesson plans for students exploring ecosystems and science communications - all based around the species in Eden's Rainforest Biome.

Years: 7, 8, 9

Duration: 180mins

Subject: Science

Resource Overview

They consider the role of different organisms in the Biome and also what might happen if particular organisms were removed from the food web – contrasting this to the role of ‘keystone’ species in a real rainforest. Students discover that Eden’s Rainforest Ecosystem is not as natural as it may first appear and that the scientists have to work hard behind the scenes to keep things in balance, particularly when it comes to dealing with pests. Next, students use the food web and some extra information from our Eden scientists to consider the merits of biocontrol versus pesticides to control pest populations in our Biome. Finally, they consider how we should effectively communicate this scientific information to Eden’s visitors.

For more equally inspirational lesson plans written by the Eden Project please visit http://www.edenproject.com/learn/schools/lesson-plans


Resource Assets


What's Eating You lesson plan

This lesson enables students to:explain how all the living things in an ecosystem have a role to play and are interdependent, explain why ecosystems need to be kept in balance and how the scientists at Eden achieve this, consider the importance of communicating scientific information to the general public


What's Eating You Resource 1

An insight into Eden’s Rainforest Ecosystem


What's Eating You Resource 2

Hyperlinks to organisms


What's Eating You Resource 3

What's Eating You pictures


What's Eating You Resource 4

List of organisms for food web


What's Eating You Resource 5

Written description of food web


What's Eating You Resource 6

Pest management at Eden card sort