Upcycling for Nature

Find out how your class can turn rubbish into homes for nature

Years: 3, 4, 5, 6

Duration: 60mins

Curriculum Objectives: 1

Subjects: D&T, PSHE

Resource Overview

Can your class turn rubbish into something useful?  These resources show how you can upcycle rubbish to make homes for minibeasts, edible crafts and grow wildlflowers from old paper!

These can be used as standalone resources or themed activities, or as part of the 'Eco-nomics' project.

Resource Assets


Bumblebee home (BBC)


Vertical hanging garden


Cress head (Cool Food Planet)


Funky Bug Hotels (David Domoney)


Seed Bombs(Nasa)


Seed Paper (Nasa)


Crafty Garden Ideas

Bring a little extra greenery to your home with this guide. Learn how to build a bird feeder from a bottle, grow strawberries on your windowsill, or grow mint both indoors or outside. These crafty garden ideas are both simple and fun, and ideal to help to green up your school environment. Thank you to Sainbury's Bank for allowing us to share these resources.

Curriculum Objectives