Sustainable Shaun: Pesticide Panic!

Introduce to your class how pesticides can change ecosystems and destroy habitats

Years: 3, 4

Duration: 60mins

Curriculum Objectives: 5

Subjects: Maths, Science

Resource Overview

Can your class help Shaun the Sheep save the minibeasts that have been poisoned by pesticides?  Shaun and his flock have noticed that the number of insects buzzing around their brownfield site are looking increasingly unhealthy and are declining in number; the farmer in a neighbouring film has sprayed his crops with pesticide and it's having a catastrophic impact on insect life. Use the short Pesticide Panic mission on our online game Sustainable Shaun as a starter with your class to introduce the value of minibeasts and insects to our world, including their role in agriculture. The children will help Shaun provide a healthier environment for the insect population, enabling them to thrive once more.

Why not extend this discussion with our science lesson in the asset pack below.

Resource Assets


Lesson Plan 1: Food chains


resource 1b Picture cards


Food Chain


Lesson Plan 2: Problem Solving


Lesson 2 operation cards


Lesson 2 Paired problems


Lesson 2 paired problems (whole class)

Curriculum Objectives

  • Year 4 (Age 8-9)
    • Convert between different units of measure [for example, kilometre to metre; hour to minute]
    • Solve problems involving multiplying and adding, including using the distributive law to multiply two digit numbers by one digit, integer scaling problems and harder correspondence problems such as n objects are connected to m objects.
  • Year 4 (Age 8-9)
    • Construct and interpret a variety of food chains, identifying producers, predators and prey.
    • Recognise that environments can change and that this can sometimes pose dangers to living things.
    • Recognise that living things can be grouped in a variety of ways.