Sensory Farmyard

Farms are absolutely crammed with opportunities to explore using the five senses.

Years: 1, 2

Duration: 60mins

Curriculum Objectives: 6

Subject: Science

Resource Overview

Join the presenting team on Woolas Grange Farm to investigate using their senses and then create your own sensory trail using the lesson plan, recording templates and station ideas. A fantastic practical science lesson loved by learners. A supporting video can be found at

Thank you to NFU for allowing us to share this resource.

Resource Assets


Sensory Farmyard - Lesson Plan

This activity lends itself exceptionally well to being run as part of a visit to a local farm. Share the resource with the farmer ahead of time to identify potential stations. You could show the video in advance of the trip to prime learners.


Sensory Farmyard - Activity Sheet

Children use the record keeping sheet to fill in as the access each station. This can be done individually or as a group.


Sensory Farmyard - Station Ideas

The ideal farm sensory trail will have a number of stations - here are some suggested ideas for stations

Curriculum Objectives

  • Key Stage 1 (Age 5-7)
    • Key Stage 1 (Age 5-7)
      • Year 2 (aged 6-7)
        • Year 1 (Age 5-6)
          • Ask simple questions and recognising that they can be answered in different ways
          • Gather and record data to help in answer questions
          • Observe closely, using simple equipment