Roving Reporters

A lesson plan inviting students to understand the links they have with the natural world, and to present their work creatively using video.

Years: 7, 8, 9

Duration: 180mins

Subject: Science

Resource Overview

This lesson enables students to: investigate a particular plant to find out the product that we can get from it, develop an awareness of the value plants have to us and work together to create a film/report to educate their peers. Supporting research material for key food plants  will be required and could include Eden's plant profile of cacao, the Fairtrade Foundation's Dubble Bar microsite and chocolate resources.

For more equally inspirational lesson plans written by the Eden Project please visit

Resource Assets


Roving Reporters Lesson Plan

Designed to encourage students to explore physical and human geography relating to international development; economic activity in the primary, secondary, tertiary sectors; and the use of natural resources.


Roving Reporters Presentation

Get the creative juices flowing and set the challenge.


Roving Reporters Exemplar Script

Example of a TV script and scaffolding questions for interviewees