Quick Environmental Games - under 20 minutes

Need a quick activity outdoors? We've got some great games to inspire you!

Years: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Duration: 20mins

Subjects: PSHE, Science

Resource Overview

All of our environmental games are under 20 minutes and use minimal resources so you can play them anywhere and at anytime. So, whether you are starting a new topic, need to burn off some class energy, or are waiting for the bus to turn up at the end of a school trip reach for our handy guide. Our fun and creative short games all have a natural and eco twist and are sure to be a class favourite.


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Resource Assets


Complete guide

All of the environmental games


Animal Consequences

To use creativity to investigate adaptations


Animal Senses: Bat and moth

To encourage pupils to think about animal senses, particularly echolocation. To know that some animals have more well developed senses than we do.


Animal Traffic Lights

To energetically act out life in a woodland habitat


Build a tree

A short physical activity to explore the structure of a tree and work together as a class


Exploring Senses

To explore senses by using animal sounds and smells to find your mate.


Harming Habitats

To understand the impacts of habitat destruction and the interdependence of different organisms


Homes for sale

To investigate what factors in the environment may determine where organisms live. To introduce pupils to habitat investigations by focusing on a small area.


Magic Spot

To provide pupils with an opportunity to experience a quiet reflective space and encourage a sense of place.


Mini Pictures

To recreate a theme/view using natural materials in a mini picture


Minibeast Sculptures

To use art to create a sculpture of a minibeast they have observed.


Oh deer!

To show the impact on populations in response to the availability of resources. To increase understanding that resource availability determines the carrying capacity of a habitat.


Sticky Boots

To promote awareness of different tree species and identification


Tall Tales

To use natural materials to inspire stories