Poo Patrol Part 3 - Arty Protest Banners

A wonderful lesson focusing on using art as a way of making a statement; easily adapted to any campaign

Years: 5, 6

Duration: 120mins

Curriculum Objectives: 3

Subject: Art

Resource Overview

This lesson explores how children's ideas and opinions can be harnessed to create meaningful pieces of art in the form of banners. Within the lesson, children are encouraged to explore the work of famous artists, use sketch books to formulate their ideas and play around with slogans and wording to ultimately create a banner they can use to 'shout' about their beliefs.

Dog poo is ‘worming’ it’s way on to our streets. It’s dangerous, disgusting and avoidable.

It’s time we came together to fight back!

This pack includes a wide range of supporting curriculum linked lesson plans (perfect for upper KS2 and a mini project) pre written risk assessments, promotional posters and suggestions for how to organise your day.It was originally created for Bristol's Poo Patrol Big Spray Day but can easily be adapted for your school community. So, if dog poo is proving a nusciance here is everything you need to highlight the problem, encourage irresponsible dog owners to be responsible and to understand the bigger issues with dog poo. Perfect for a persuasive writing project, a data handling block focusing on real life data or an art project with a purpose.

Resource Assets


Arty Protest Lesson Plan

Easily adaptable to any protest applicable to schools such as litter or traffic


Edward Ruscha Information Sheet

Use the work of Edward Ruscha as an inspirational starting point


Jeremy Deller Information Sheet

Explore how different artists have harnessed the power of words and colour to get their message across


Banner Making

Images showing children making banners; how will you do yours?


Sketch Books

See how sketch books can be made and used for projects such as this

Curriculum Objectives

  • Create sketch books to record their observations and use them to review and revisit ideas
  • Improve their mastery of art and design techniques, including drawing, painting and sculpture with a range of materials.
  • Learn about great artists, architects and designers in history