Plastic Persuasion KS3

An English and Maths lesson where pupils will use real life statistics as a persuasive device.

Years: 7, 8, 9

Duration: 180mins

Subjects: English, Maths

Resource Overview

Almost a decade ago, Surfers Against Sewage conducted a Plastic Pollution Brand Survey; a brand audit that revealed that the majority of all beach litter (56%) was attributable to just twelve corporations, dubbed the ‘Dirty Dozen’. Use the PowerPoint to introduce the students to this historical data as well as their challenge and the reasons behind it. Together, explore the data gathered 10 years ago that led to the naming of the ‘Dirty Dozen.’ Speculate about how it may be different 10 years later. As a class, plan the litter pick carefully to ensure good quality and useful data will be gathered.

Written by us on behalf of Surfers Against Sewage who kindly gave us permission to share here.

Resource Assets


Plastic Persuasion Lesson Plan KS3

Everything you need to know to plan and deliver your lesson.


Plastic Persuasion Presentation KS3

A PowerPoint presentation to bring your lesson to life.


Plastic Persuasion Writing Toolkit KS3

A worksheet for the lesson's activity.