Planet Friendly Food

Recipes that won't cost the earth!

Duration: 90mins

Curriculum Objectives: 1

Subject: PSHE

Resource Overview

Food is hugely important. And yummy! Good food helps us to grow well and be active. It plays an important part in family and community life, whether that is eating dinner all together, celebrating a birthday or feasting with friends. Food can make us feel great. But the food we eat can have a big impact on our planet. Did you know that, globally, food systems account for about one quarter (25%) of all man-made greenhouse emissions? That’s a big contribution to climate change - more than global transport, and about the same as the production of electricity and heat. 

As part of  The Climate Coalition’s Show the Love campaign, our friends at Wicked Weather Watch celebrated food and four great ways that we can change what we buy and eat to reduce our contribution to climate change: minimise food waste, eat seasonal food, eat locally grown produce, and eat less meat. 

What a wonderful resource for an after school cooking club!

Resource Assets


Plant Friendly Food Recipe Book

With the help of some of Bath’s best loved foodies, Wicked Weather Watch have collected some #PlanetFriendlyFood recipes that use locally and seasonally sourced ingredients, showcase vegan and plant-based food, and reduce food waste. They will not only tickle your taste buds, but help you put new, healthy eating habits into practice that are good for you, and the planet!

Curriculum Objectives