Oxfam Sweatshop Production

Introduce your class to the world behind the labels in clothes

Years: 5, 6

Duration: 60mins

Curriculum Objectives: 1

Subject: PSHE

Resource Overview

Encourage your pupils to consider where their clothes have come from, with this thought-provoking resource from Oxfam.

Using the life of 25 year-old sweatshop worker Mara from Cambodia, your class will learn about:
•    the labour behind branded trainers and sportswear;
•    factory conditions and workers' rights;
•    the causes and consequences of the use of cheap labour in poorer countries;
•    action that learners can take in the UK.

This resource would be an ideal introduction to topic work around globalisation.  Some of the resources are aimed at secondary age pupils, but these can be easily adapted for higher ability year 5 and 6 pupils, or used for topic inspiration.

Resource Assets


Oxfam Sweatshop Teachers Notes


Oxfam sweatshop powerpoint

Curriculum Objectives