Mission:Explore Water

Duration: 30mins

Subject: Cross Curricular

Resource Overview

Mission:Explore Water is a playful way for young explorers to learn about water; water is something that forms part of all of our lives. We literally could not live without it. Mission:Explore Water is a playful way for young explorers to learn about water. As with all Mission:Explore resources the content is thought provoking, fun and very adaptable to suit different ages, time scales and outcomes. Thoroughly enjoyable in every way!

A big thank you to Mission:Explore for allowing us to share this wonderful resource.

Resource Assets


Mission:Explore Water Student's Book

This book will change the way you think about water forever. Do not go any further if you are afraid of going on adventures or trying new things. There is also a 99.999% certainty that you will get wet. Inside Mission:Explore Water you will find 51 water related missions. Your challenge is to complete and record each of them as best you can. On the Mission:Explore website you can collect badges for doing your missions too.


Mission:Explore Water Teacher's Notes

Inside this printable eBook are 51 missions that challenge learners to discover, explore and think about water in new ways. Missions from the book can be used by every subject in the curriculum. While you could teach through the missions purely in Geography, Science or Design and Technology time, you could also consider holding a water day or week with every subject area challenging pupils to complete a relevant mission.