Mission:Explore John Muir

Duration: 30mins

Subject: Cross Curricular

Resource Overview

These missions will help you follow in the footsteps of nature conservation’s father figure - John Muir. They are for everyone who dares to explore the world with Muir’s spirit of adventure and curiosity. Inside ‘Mission:Explore John Muir’ you’ll find 20 Muir related missions, and some of Muir’s words from over 100 years ago. Your challenge is to complete and record as many missions as you can. You can find plenty of other wonderful missions to do on the Mission:Explore website; thank you for allowing is to share this one. 

Resource Assets


Mission:Explore John Muir Booklet

By the time you have completed your copy of this e-book you will have tracked, watched, listened, walked, imagined, immersed and even danced your way through wild nature on your doorstep and further afield.