'For The Love Of...' Climate Change Resources

Encourage pupils to take action on climate change to protect the things they love, with these inspiring resources from Oxfam!

Years: 3, 4, 5, 6, All

Duration: 30mins

Subject: Cross Curricular

Resource Overview

Encourage your pupils to learn about and take action on climate change issues, with these great learning resources from Oxfam!

Through putting global warming problems into real-life contexts, the 'For The Love Of...' project encourages youth activitism, providing opportunities for pupils to share their thoughts on climate change, and write personal messages to their MP on the subject (amongst other things). These activities could be completed in just one or two sessions, or extended further if necessary. The introductory presentation is a useful teaching tool to kick off the project, but also works as an interesting assembly resource in its own right. 

Some of the resources in this pack were designed for secondary pupils, but can be easily adapted to work well for the primary age range. Find out more information here.

Image © Oxfam 

Resource Assets


'For The Love Of...' introductory presentation (lessons and/or assemblies)


'For The Love Of...' Background Information


'For The Love Of...' Action Guide


'For The Love Of...' Workshop Plan