Learning with Leaves

This lesson plan is ideal for an outdoor-based autumn maths class, as it gets pupils using leaves to measure and calculate.

Years: 3, 4, 5, 6

Duration: 60mins

Curriculum Objectives: 8

Subject: Maths

Resource Overview

The lesson has been designed to help teachers cover the following subject areas: KS2 Maths – measurement, geometry and statistics. With thanks to the Eden Project for allowing us to share their resource. For more equally inspirational lesson plans written by them please visit http://www.edenproject.com/learn/schools/lesson-plans

Resource Assets


Learning with Leaves Lesson Plan

Curriculum Objectives

  • Year 3 (Age 7-8)
    • Measure the perimeter of simple 2-D shapes.
    • Measure, compare, add and subtract: lengths (m/cm/mm).
  • Year 4 (Age 8-9)
    • Interpret and present discrete and continuous data using appropriate graphical methods, including bar charts and time graphs.
    • Measure and calculate the perimeter of a rectilinear figure (including squares) in centimetres and metres.
  • Year 5 (Age 9-10)
    • Measure and calculate the perimeter of composite rectilinear shapes in centimetres and metres.
    • Calculate and compare the area of rectangles (including squares), and including using standard units, square centimetres (cm^2) and square metres (m^2) and estimate the area of irregular shapes.
  • Year 6 (Age 10-11)
    • Recognise that shapes with the same areas can have different perimeters and vice versa.
    • Use, read, write and convert between standard units, converting measurements of length, mass, volume and time from a smaller unit of measure to a larger unit, and vice versa, using decimal notation to up to three decimal places.