Keeping Chickens in School

Find out how to keep our feathered friends happy and healthy...

Years: 3, 4, 5, 6

Duration: 60mins

Subject: D&T

Resource Overview

Raising chickens is a great way to teach children about where food comes from, as well as encouraging responsibility and nurturing skills.

However, it’s important to know all the facts before you commit to looking after any animals. These fantastic resources from Free Range Learning will tell you all you need to know about keeping chickens in school, and will help you on your way to hen heaven! 

For even more super (and free!) hen-themed resources around literacy, numeracy, bullying and other topics follow this link, sign up and download!

Photo © Free Range Learning

Resource Assets


Keeping chickens in school: fact sheet


Bake your own pecking balls


Six questions to consider before buying hens


Chicken treat cheat sheet


Is it safe to keep chickens in school?


Example risk assessment for keeping chickens in schools