The Future of Transport

Calling all budding engineers! Inspire your children to use their design skills and create a brand-new alternative to modern transport...

Years: 5, 6

Duration: 60mins

Curriculum Objectives: 4

Resource Overview

A series of three lessons designed for budding engineers; following on from the En-tyre-ly Barking Mission related to our Sustainable Shaun game! Children are challenged by Shaun and the flock, to design an imaginative alternative to modern day transport and the pollution it causes. Designed for Upper Key Stage 2, the lessons allow the children’s imaginations to go wild whilst encouraging them to work collaboratively to find a solution to Shaun’s mission. 

Resource Assets


Future Transport: Lesson Plan 1


Future Transport: Lesson Plan 2


Future Transport: Lesson Plan 3


Future Transport: KWL Board

This resource enables children to record what they already know about the topic of transport, what they would like to know, and what they find out as they progress through the project.


Future Transport Presentation


Letter from Shaun the Sheep

Curriculum Objectives