Ecomaths: Recycling

Using Maths to recycle rubbish

Years: 5, 6

Duration: 45mins

Subject: Maths

Resource Overview

Are you searching for a new way to show pupils how Maths is used in the real world? Then look no further than the fantastic Ecomaths videos, aimed at KS2 children, from the BBC! These short films highlight the importance of Maths for managing our environment, and for promoting a sustainable future. In this episode, Stefan Gates visits a vast recycling plant, and investigates machines that can sort rubbish into different 2D and 3D shapes.

Ideal as an introduction to sustainability-related topics, this video should prompt some fantastic class discussion about the materials that we use and throw away. Why not take pupils’ learning even further, and encourage them to complete the associated worksheet too?  


Resource Assets

Ecomaths: Recycling Video

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Ecomaths: Recycling Question Sheet