Coral Oceans Lesson 8 - Coral Press Conference

Pull together all the learning from the previous seven lessons.

Years: 3, 4, 5, 6

Duration: 60mins

Curriculum Objectives: 1

Subjects: English, Science

Resource Overview

This final lesson brings together all the previous learning as the classroom expedition returns to port, and the team delivers a press conference. The output from this lesson can be a written article, a blog post, audio report, press release, or video. These outputs can be shared at an assembly, parents’ evening, with the local press, or you can send a selection through to Encounter Edu (

Thank you to EncounterEdu for allowing us to share this resource here.

Resource Assets


Coral Press Conference lesson plan

Learn to communicate scientific ideas and knowledge to a range of audiences.


Coral Press Conference Presentation

A PowerPoint presentation to accompany the lesson.


Sailing Home

Marine biologist Anjani Ganase, from the University of Queensland, describes how it feels to return from the shallow reef survey.


Storyboard Template

A blank template ready to be populated with brilliant ideas.


Article Template

Get ready to write for The Coral Reef News.

Curriculum Objectives

  • Year 5 and 6 (Age 9-11)
    • Identify how language, structure and presentation contribute to meaning.