Coral Oceans Lesson 2 - Reef Builders

Use this craft activity to get students hands-on with all the different living things that inhabit the coral reef.

Duration: 60mins

Subject: Cross Curricular

Resource Overview

This science-based unit uses the stunning imagery and 360 media from the XL Catlin Seaview Survey and covers several of the main concepts for students studying living things at upper elementary level. The unit can be used as a standalone primer for students, using a new and exciting context of corals, clown fish and sharks, or as a comparative study to the local environment. Students work through a series of connected lessons to develop their understanding of: - habitats and how they provide the basic needs of plants and animals - identification, classification and the use of keys - life cycles, anatomy and sexual reproduction - how animals obtain their food using the idea of food chains - how animals and plants are adapted to their environment - human impact on the environment

Thank you to EncounterEdu for allowing us to share this resource.

Resource Assets


Reef Builders PowerPoint

Explore coral reefs in detail and reflect on the diversity of life that can be found there.


Coral Life Templates - Student Sheet 2a

Use the Coral life templates and have a look at the Coral life gallery to help colour and decorate your reef.


Coral Life Checklist - Student Sheet 2b

Students undertake making either a reef-in-a-box or reef mural. The timing of this activity can be extended or teaching staff can assist by prepping some of the background work.


Dive Log - Student Sheet 2c

Students reflect on their experiences of building their own reef by completing their dive logs.


Reef Builders - Teacher Guidance

A comprehensive overview including learning outcomes and timings.