The Big Street Survey

Be part of something big, and all about sustainable transport...

Years: 3, 4, 5, 6

Duration: 60mins

Curriculum Objectives: 5

Subjects: English, Geography

Resource Overview

Be part of something big! An exciting curriculum resource created by Sustrans, The Big Street Survey encourages children to investigate the area around their school, in order to ceate a manifesto on how to make their streets safer and greener.

Working both inside and outside the classroom, children can explore what they like and dislike about their neighbourhood, before using their manifesto to lobby decision-makers and elected representatives to make their changes happen.  Cross-curricular and thoroughly engaging, these learning materials will help to develop children's speaking and listening skills, as well as inspiring them to care about sustainable transport. 

Take a look at the range of resources by visiting Sustrans Big Street Survey.

Resource Assets

The Big Street Survey

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Curriculum Objectives

  • Articulate and justify answers, arguments and opinions.
  • Ask relevant questions to extend their understanding and knowledge.
  • Consider and evaluate different viewpoints, attending to and building on the contributions of others.
  • Describe and understand key aspects of human geography, including: types of settlement and land use, economic activity including trade links, and the distribution of natural resources including energy, food, minerals and water.
  • Use fieldwork to observe, measure, record and present the human and physical features in the local area using a range of methods, including sketch maps, plans and graphs, and digital technologies.