Best of Bristol Virtual Fieldtrip: Cool Cooking

Come with us on a virtual fieldtrip, exploring Bristol's very best examples of sustainability.

Years: 3, 4, 5, 6

Duration: 5mins

Curriculum Objectives: 4

Subjects: D&T, PSHE

Resource Overview

Calling all those budding Jamie Olivers and Delia Smiths out there! This virtual fieldtrip is about the importance of getting creative in the kitchen, so we want your pupils to do just that. Challenge your class to make a creative dish that they haven’t tried before, using some delicious local and seasonal produce, because cooking skills are vital for a healthy and happy lifestyle. 

Jo Ingleby, the Chef-in-Residence at Redcliffe Nursery School and Children’s Centre (and star of our virtual fieldtrip), has worked with the BBC to create a series of tasty and simple recipes for children, Start your pupils off on their culinary journeys by exploring these fantastic meal ideas, and who knows where they might end up in the future…

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Resource Assets

Jo Ingleby BBC Recipes

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Best of Bristol Cool Cooking (hi-definition)


Curriculum Objectives