Beat the Flood

Pupils look at flooding around the world then design and build a model of a flood-proof house

Years: 5, 6

Duration: 180mins

Curriculum Objectives: 6

Subject: D&T

Resource Overview

The challenge: Working as a team pupils design and make a model of a home able to withstand the effects of flooding...then test it by standing it in water and blasting it with a hose pipe!.

The challenge is perfect for STEM clubs and integrating into your D&T and science lessons.

Thank you to Practical Action for allowing us to share this resource.

Resource Assets


Teacher's Guide

A guide to help teachers run the Beat the Flood challenge.


Beat the Flood Powerpoint

A presentation to help teachers deliver the challenge.



A full colour poster that's printable in A3 format.


Pupil Activity Sheets

All in the pupil activity sheets in a single file.


Starter Activity

A great way to introduce the global impact of flooding.



Certificates to award the pupils for taking part or winning the challenge in their class.


Starter and plenary questions

Questions to find our your pupils understanding before and after the challenge.

Curriculum Objectives

  • Apply their understanding of how to strengthen, stiffen and reinforce more complex structures
  • Evaluate their ideas and products against their own design criteria and consider the views of others to improve their work
  • Generate, develop, model and communicate their ideas through discussion, annotated sketches, cross-sectional and exploded diagrams, prototypes, pattern pieces and computer-aided design
  • Investigate and analyse a range of existing products
  • Select from and use a wider range of materials and components, including construction materials, textiles and ingredients, according to their functional properties and aesthetic qualities
  • Use research and develop design criteria to inform the design of innovative, functional, appealing products that are fit for purpose, aimed at particular individuals or groups