Air Pollution Citizens Assembly

We have a BIG problem to solve and that problem is air pollution!

Years: 7, 8, 9

Duration: 60mins

Subject: Science

Resource Overview

1 in 8 deaths are due to air pollution - and yet human and planetary health are not at the heart of political decision-making. In this Top Trumps style game, students will be able to hold their own Citizens Assembly to explore the trade-offs we make when taking decisions about our health and that of the environment. They will learn the science of air pollution and carbon emissions, discover the solutions that exist and vote what they, as a group, want to prioritise and work on to improve air quality in our towns and cities. 

Developed by ClairCity (

Resource Assets


Air Pollution Citizens Assembly Lesson Plan

This lesson plan is designed to introduce students to their mission: to think about and compare a range of different solutions, voting on their priorities for change.


Top Trumps Cards

A selection of Top Trump cards designed to encourage students to think about solutions to our traffic problems.


Blank Top Trumps Cards

Blank versions of the cards; just how creative and imaginative can the students be in finding solutions?


Air Pollution Recording Booklet

A space to collect ideas and findings, designed with space for the traffic survey lesson too. Amend as required.


Air Pollution - All you need to know

Feel prepared to teach about air pollution with this overview of the main points.