Poo Patrol: Big Spray Day

Poo Patrol Big Spray Day: 26th May, 2017

Dog poo is ‘worming’ it’s way on to Bristol streets. It’s dangerous, disgusting and avoidable.

It’s time we came together to fight back!

This exciting project aims to unite schools, community groups and volunteers in the battle against dog poo. Although the problem of dog fouling has long been recognised, effective solutions are harder to come by. Legislation is helpful but can be hard to enforce. Community-led initiatives have sprung up in many neighbourhoods and include some very creative approaches and we would like to see as many Bristol schools become Poo Patrollers as possible. 

The Big Spray Day is a chance for us all to come together and make a difference; it will provide valuable data to Bristol University about the scale of the problem whilst highlighting to others how widespread the problem can be and how important it is to pick up after your dog!


The Mission:

Agree to participate in the Big Spray Day and the first 40 schools or community groups will receive their own stencils and spray kit. On the day go on your very own poo patrol, spray to highlight the problem, map it to help collate city wide data, leave it and then return two weeks later to the scene of the crime (more detailed information to follow).


Free supporting curriculum linked lesson plans, perfect for upper KS2 and a post SATS project, pre written risk assessments, promotional posters and suggestions for how to organise your day.


Could your class design a stencil for use across the city on spray day?  Or perhaps an attention grabbing poster which could be selected to be printed and displayed? Win the chance for a class visit to the poo laboratory at Bristol University and see for themselves the science behind our least favourite deposits! Email us now for further details!

What now?

Email us on hello@sustainablelearning to register your involvement. We will keep you up to date with developments and further plans for the big day including lesson plans and risk assessments. The first 40 groups/schools to respond will be given their very own stencils and spray for use on the day and for future events.


No one is being asked to pick up the dog poo – the researchers at Bristol Uni have that unenviable task and will be testing some of it for disease and parasitic worms
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