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Geography & History
Upper Key Stage 2

Come with us on this virtual fieldtrip, and inspire your pupils to get outside and explore nature!

Photo Badocks Wood.jpg

Age: Year 5 & 6                       Duration: 5 mins          

Subject: Cross Curricular         Theme: Nature

 A great way to learn about renewable energy and challenge different people's perceptions.

SS Energy Crisis.jpg

Age: Year 5 & 6                     Duration: 30 mins  


Subject: Cross Curricular      Theme: Energy

It's Electrifying! History of energy homework 

This History-based homework project encourages children to investigate how power has changed over time, by interviewing an older friend or relative.

It's Electrifying!.jpg

Age: Year 5 & 6                         Duration: 90 mins


Subject: History                        Topic: Energy

Combine History with Art, with these fantastic outdoor activities!

Amazing Anglo-Saxon Art.jpg

Age: Year 5 & 6             Duration: 20 mins


Subject: History                  Topic: Transport

The Lost Words

The Lost Words stands against the disappearance of wild childhood. It is a joyful celebration of nature words and the natural world they invoke.

The Lost Words.jpg

Age: Year 5 & 6                      Duration: 60 mins                 

Subject: Cross Curricular       Theme: Nature

Pupils are encouraged to explore their product market and question potential future customers.

clothes drive.png

Age: Year 5 & 6                    Duration: 30 mins


Subject: Geography            Topic: Waste

Encourage pupils to explore how transport has changed over time…

On the Move.jpg

Age: Year 5 & 6             Duration: 20 mins


Subject: History                  Topic: Transport

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