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Farmer Jack: Chapter 4

Age: Year 3, 4, 5 & 6

Duration: 60 minutes

Subject: PSHE

Theme: Food

Meet Farmer Jack! He’s got some fascinating stories to tell, all about growing and eating delicious fresh fruit and veg. In this video, Farmer Jack shows us around his orchard and polytunnel and discusses the journeys our food makes before it reaches our plate.  


As well as being a great standalone resource, the Farmer Jack films can be used to inspire different areas of learning. After watching this video, why not encourage pupils to think more about food miles and the impact that these can have on the planet?


With this thought-provoking lesson from Send a Cow, pupils can compare their own diets with that of Mpho (a little boy from Lesotho), in order to find out more about healthy eating and food miles. 


Follow Farmer Jack on his journey by watching the rest of our fabulous food films.

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