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Farmer Jack: Chapter 2

Age: Year 3, 4, 5 & 6

Duration: 60 minutes

Subject: Drama & English

Theme: Food

Meet Farmer Jack! Jack’s got a fascinating story to tell, all about his great-great-great-great grandfather and his adventures with some magic beans.  In this video, Farmer Jack explains what beans need to grow successfully and tells us a little more of his ancestor’s tale. 


As well as being a great standalone resource, the Farmer Jack films can be used to inspire different areas of learning. After watching this video, why not try our drama lesson, which encourages pupils to use their imagination, and predict what will happen next?


The Jack Rap is a fun call and response song for teachers to use during the What Happens to Jack? drama lesson. The song is designed as a group activity where the children can join Jack on his mysterious journey as he arrives at the top of that enormous bean stalk.  Using the repetition in the verse, children can take it in turns as leader to direct the rest of the class through Jack’s adventure.

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