Unblocktober 2020

1st October 2020 to 31st October 2020

Event Overview

Why Unblocktober?

Because we have spent decades consistently pouring dangerous liquids and items into our drains, without worrying about the consequences.

This has led to the creation of fatbergs - enormous masses of congealed fat, oil, grease, wet wipes, period care products, cotton buds, condoms, nappies, bandages and much more - which block drains and sewers, causing them to work less effectively than they should.

While 77% of the population know what a fatberg is and 64% say they are 'very aware' of what should and shouldn't go down their drains, 48% willingly continue to put fatberg-forming substances into our sewers.*

*Source: Lanes for Drains

Do you want to help reduce the amount of plastic entering our seas and rivers?

Do you want to help fight environmentally-damaging fatbergs?

Well, it’s easier than you think.

Through Unblocktober, you can make small changes to your habits and the way you dispose of certain everyday items in order to make big changes to the environment - at a time when it needs our help more than ever.

It’s easy - so come and join us in making October… Unblocktober!