National Writing Day 2020

24th June 2020

Event Overview

Leading up to National Writing Day on 24 June, we are calling on young people to share original pieces of writing, via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, using #WriteFromHome.

What has living through the lockdown meant for you? What have you been thinking, feeling or experiencing, through this unprecedented time?

We want to hear your voices and we want to share your stories with the world.

Follow the hashtag on your social channels, or scroll National Writing Day’s Twitter feed @writeday to see what others are saying and sharing.

Need more inspiration or guidance, to put pen to paper? No problem — Click here for a series of awesome video tutorials, led by talented First Story Writers-in-Residence. Every week in the run up to National Writing Day, a new feature-length tutorial is being uploaded, each led by a different writer, focused on a specific theme. With access to at least nine hours of free, one-to-one creative writing tuition by professional practitioners, what’s stopping you?