Kindness Day UK 2020

13th November 2020

Event Overview

World Kindness Day was first introduced in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement (WKM), a non-profit organisation. They purely focus on inspiring and encouraging people to show greater kindness for a fairer, better world. Unlike many movements, both past and present, the World Kindness Movement does not have any religious, commercial or political motivations. 

The WKM started in 1997 when a conference in Japan took place. Here, a wide number of similar people gathered for the first time, with a unified understanding of kindness and its importance to society. The movement now has 27 representatives from all over the world, ranging from Brazil and China to the UK, Romania, and Zimbabwe.

This makes World Kindness Day a truly international event. It can be recognised and celebrated all over the world, regardless of culture, religion or nationality.

How can we celebrate World Kindness Day in school?

World Kindness Day 2020 will have to be a bit different, due to COVID 19 restrictions, but we believe in you fabulous teachers to get creative and inspire kids to think of safe acts of kindness to make the day a success in the time of coronavirus. You could play a socially-distanced game with someone who looks lonely or compliment someone. 

Or why not show kindness to the environment? You could plant a tree in your school playground or at home. 

World Kindness Day can also be about showing support and consideration for those who are less fortunate. For this, you could research a charity whose cause you think is particularly important. Then why not start a fundraiser? You could organise some fun sponsored events, e.g. a fun sports day or a casual clothes day in school. All money raised could go to your chosen charity, whilst raising awareness for an important cause.

By doing one or several of these ideas for World Kindness Day, you can help to promote kindness in schools. Whilst encouraging kids to be kind to one another, this can also build a positive school community and a valuable set of ethics for the long-term future.

Kindness Week Ode

In our last week of term we saw Kindness abound
We knew we were kind – so we spread it around

There's lots we've been doing and good things to share
To show our community we really care

We set off to Sainsbury's to help others pack
We've wanged wellies for hunger out of a huge sack

We've raised money from hampers and smoothies and treats
Had a concert from Year 10 and turned up the heat

It's been a great week and we think you will find
That things are much nicer when the world's being kind!​