European Clean-Up Day

10th May 2019 to 12th May 2019

Event Overview

Let's Clean Up Europe!
European Clean-Up Day
Every year, millions of tonnes of litter end up in oceans, beaches, forests and elsewhere in nature. The primary causes of this littering issue are our society’s unsustainable production and consumption patterns, poor waste management strategies and a lack of awareness of citizens. In order to reduce littering in nature and to give visibility to this issue, the European Week for Waste Reduction coordinates a Europe-wide annual clean-up day called ‘‘Let’s Clean Up Europe!’‘

Taking part in “Let’s Clean Up Europe!” and teaming up to clean up the environment to tackle the waste issue allows participants to realise how much waste is dumped in their own neighbourhood. This action provides a unique opportunity to raise citizens’ awareness on the litter problem and to help changing people’s behaviour.

Why not organise a school litter pick, better still engage with local businesses and residents to clean up the school community too!