Don't Step on a Bee Day

10th July 2020

Event Overview

On Don't Step on a Bee Day, people share online about the best ways to protect bees. Special events have also been organized, where people have learned about the benefits of bees and how to take care of them.

Ultimately, today is for being aware of bees. Yes, it's important to be aware that if you are walking barefoot you may be stung, but it is also important to remember the many benefits that bees bring.

How to Observe:

  • One way to celebrate the day is to keep an eye out for bees when you are walking around barefoot, so you don't get stung.
  • Perhaps you could count how many bees you see during the day while doing this.
  • As the day is more so celebrated as a day to help bees, while you are watching not to step on them, you could keep an eye out for ones having trouble in the heat. If you see that some are struggling, you could give them a few drops of sugar water.

There are many things you can do to help protect and care for bees: 

  • Some general things you could do are make sure bees in your yard have water, and limit your pesticide use or go organic.
  • You could plant pollen-rich plants and flowers in your garden that are attractive to bees.
  • You could also put up a bee hotel.
  • After learning about beekeeping, you could make an apiary. You will need to purchase or build beehives to make this a reality.
  • You could also read more about bees to gain a deeper knowledge about them and learn more ways to enjoy their benefits.
  • There is such a buzz around the subject of bees, that you should be able to find some enjoyable way to celebrate this special day!

Check out the amazing Heather and her team at Bee The Change Project, who are working hard at healing bees, land and community.