Don't Step on a Bee Day

11th July 2019

Event Overview

The 10th July unites the nation for National Don’t Step on a Bee Day! This year we’re calling for your help to protect our precious bees.The recent press surrounding the ‘Bee Crisis’ has been hard to ignore. Not only do our bees help provide the honey, propolis and beeswax contained within many of your favourite products, they also help to keep us all fed and watered! Without the tireless work of our little buzzing friends, over a third of everything we eat would disappear from our tables. Perhaps you could support Friends of the Earth with their Big Bee Count or use their helpful bee identification information to find out which bees are buzzing around near you. 

Alternatively, play Sustainable Shaun: Pesticide Panic! and introduce to your class how pesticides can change ecosystems and destroy habitats